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Hopefully this FAQ will answer any of the basic questions you have about yoga in our studio.


So you’re thinking about trying a yoga class? As someone new to yoga you may have some questions. That is normal. Maybe you feel you’re not flexible. Maybe you feel out of shape or self-conscious of your physical appearance. Maybe you’re fearful of looking silly. Any of these sound familiar? You are not alone.

At All Bright Yoga we strive to make the benefits of yoga accessible to everyone. It is our mission to provide you with an opportunity to reconnect your mind and body in a calm, safe environment.

Here are some answers to common questions new students might have:



What is yoga, really?

In a nutshell, the word yoga translates as a yoking or a union. Basically Yoga is all about harmonizing the body with the mind and breath through the means of various breathing exercises, yoga poses (asanas) and meditation.


How will yoga benefit me?

Yoga is a practice that has countless benefits for the mind, body and soul.  To list all the benefits of yoga would take half this page.  One article in Yoga Journal listed “38 Health Benefits of Yoga”   Everyone comes to yoga for a different reason and everyone benefits in their own way.  So to honestly answer this question, you must do yoga and feel the benefits for yourself. 


Can I practice yoga if I am not flexible or overweight and out of shape?

Of course.  Flexibility will come with time, practice, and patience.  Barring any medical restrictions (and even then, there are modifications for almost everything), being overweight is never a reason not to practice yoga.  If you are out of shape, you need to take care of your body.  Yoga will help restore the range of motion that you’ve lost, improve your posture, correct your imbalances, and re-teach you basic principles of movement so that you can stay injury-free, and perform even better than you did before.


What do I need for class?

Yourself, an open mind, and a yoga mat.  (We do have yoga mats available, but having your own is more hygienic.)



What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that offers free range of motion. Shorts, sweatpants, stretchy pants, tee-shirts are good, just nothing too baggy.

Other Suggestions:

  • Try not to eat a large meal within 2-3 hours prior to class. Many yoga postures manipulate the digestive system and undigested food can create an uncomfortable feeling.

  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to class to settle in and relax before we begin. We are available 30 minutes before each class to register and check-in students as well as answer any questions.

  • Alert the teacher prior to class of any injuries or issues.  This will help us know how to adjust you or give you modified poses if necessary.  This is for your safety as well as comfort.

  • Bring some water and be sure to drink plenty of water after class.

  • Always be respectful to your fellow yogis.  If you have a concern, let the teacher know so they may assist in the resolution of your issue.

  • If you are feeling sick or flu-like symptoms, please stay home until you feel better.  We are practicing and breathing in close proximity to others and certain students (and teachers) may have compromised immune systems.