All Bright Yoga

Class Descriptions

At All Bright Yoga we offer Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Yoga, and Yoga with Aromatherapy classes. Great for beginners or experts.


Deciding to take the step to try yoga can be exciting, but figuring out what class suits your physical needs best may be another story.  Here is our version of our class levels and descriptions to assist in guiding you on your journey with yoga.

Gentle Yoga

This class consists of gentle movement, breath work and postures designed to reduce stress, build strength, flexibility & balance. Suitable for those who would like to work at a slower pace, who have not been physically active lately or who are recovering from illness or injury.


Yoga Flow - Level 1 & 2

This class is a sequence of yoga postures that flow one into another, while connecting breath to movement and movement to breath. It is designed strengthen your body, develop flexibility, lift your energy, and quiet your mind. This class is suitable for those wishing to get more physical on their mat, including beginner students with some prior yoga experience.


Yoga Level 1

This class moves at the perfect pace to focus on the principles of alignment and breathing in fundamental yoga postures.  Modifications and variations will be included so that each student can learn to build strength, flexibility and balance, both physically and mentally, at their own pace.  This class is suitable for students of all ages and fitness levels.  Ideal for students who are new to yoga, have some yoga experience or want to refine alignment.